Zodiac Signs that produced the most NBA MVPs in history

Zodiac Signs that produced the most NBA MVPs in history

There are lot of factors that lead to success in life. The opportunities are there, but it is up to you to make the most out of them. But does your birthday have anything to do with it? In basketball, it does. This zodiac sign has produced many league MVPs.

An article from Medium ranked the zodiac signs according to the achievements of players born under them. 

Scorpio was ranked last, but it produced three MVPs in Russell Westbrook, Dave Cowens, and Bill Walton. Some of the Scorpio players named in the Top 100 All-Time by ESPN were Earl Monroe and Elvin Hayes. 

Libra has some interesting forwards like Scottie Pippen and Kevin Durant leading the list. Chauncey Billups and Paul Pierce are also Libras. This group won a total of 11 NBA titles. On the other hand, Aries also has a few recognizable legends born under this sign. Notable players who are under this sign are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone, Walt Frazier, Jason Kidd, and John Stockton. These five produced 9 MVPs, 3 NBA finals MVPs, and 9 NBA titles. 

In terms of awards and accomplishments, Aquarius reigns supreme. It produced the GOAT Michael Jordan and Hall of Famers Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alonzo Mourning, and Steve Nash. The Aquarius men won a combined 20 NBA titles, eight finals MVPs, and 13 regular season MVPs. 

The present generation 

Luka Doncic’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Under this sign, there have been six regular-season MVPs: Shaq, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, Wes Unseld, and Julius Erving. As the MVP favorite in the 2020-2021 season, can being a Pisces help the Mavericks star finally win one next year?

Trae Young is Virgo, same as Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, and James Harden. If Young wants to take his game to the next level and win a title or an MVP, he has to channel his inner Virgo; driven by ambition and stubbornness. 

Can Zion Williamson win an MVP in the NBA? It remains to be seen. Health and determination are essential factors. But if he is looking for fellow Cancer as inspirations, he can watch the old tapes of Willis Reed, perhaps the best player the Cancer sign has produced. There’s also Pau Gasol, Sam Jones, Pete Maravich, and Allen Iverson in this group. 

No one can tell if being born under a specific date can get a player higher chances of winning an MVP or a title. It still boils down to maximizing the talents and opportunities presented.