Zion’s recovery about “more than just his knee”

Zion’s recovery about “more than just his knee”

The last Christmas day game featured Denver and New Orleans. What was supposed to be a clash between one of NBA’s most explosive offenses centered around a passing big man in Jokić and the leagues’ new superstar in Zion Williamson turned out to be the opposite. The Nuggets offense had an unrecognizable start with an out-of-shape Jokić and Zion is yet to play NBA minutes. 

The Pelicans are doing their best to shield Zion from the pressure to come back from injury and are taking their time with his recovery. As his timetable to return is nearing its end, the Pelicans shared additional information to explain Zion’s slow return to the court. Zion’s been up to shooting drills and doing some group drills but is yet to participate in 5-on-5 or 3-on-3. Given their poor start to the season, the Pelicans decided to take care of a few more things. 

“Williamson, 19, said the Pelicans are also trying to tweak small matters in how he walks and runs, working on the kinetic chain of his body.”

via ESPN

The Lakers decided not to work on Lonzo’s shot mechanics during the season, Ben Simmons decided he will continue to shoot left-handed and left his 3 pointer issues to be addressed in the offseason, but the Pelicans opted a different route than most in the NBA. We’ve seen a lot of biomechanical analysis of Zion’s movement and New Orleans decided there is no time like the present. Charles Barkley gave his unique take on this news. 

As funny as Chuck is, he is wrong. You don’t need to look further than the only unanimous MVP Steph Curry for proof stuff like this works. After repetitive ankle injuries, Curry changed how he walks, runs and shoots. His trainers changed his biomechanics and made him activate his hips a lot more in his movement. 

While we all are anxious to see Zion out there as soon as possible, it is good news that the Pelicans are taking everything seriously and maximizing Zion’s health in every way possible. The only question is will their GM David Griffin decide they’ve goon too far down the rabbit hole while waiting for Zion and strip the team down for future assets.