Zion Williamson Reenacts Michael Jordan’s Famous Block

Zion Williamson Reenacts Michael Jordan’s Famous Block

Back in January, we wrote about Michael Jordan’s epic block in college, when he jumped so high, he literally banged his head of off the backboard. MJ was the freak athlete of his generation, but now there’s a new kid in town and his name is Zion Williamson. 

Last week, during a Duke and UNC matchup in Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina — Zion went up for a block and pretty much reenacted Jordans famous block. He jumped so high that he hit his head of off the backboard in a similar fashion to MJ.

What’s so crazy about Zion being so freakishly athletic is the fact that he weighs 285 lbs (130kg) and stands at 6’7” (201cm). He’s got about one hundred pounds (40kg) on Jordan and still jumps ‘through the roof’. It will be interesting to see if Williamson will be able to remain injury free because the pressure that he currently exerts on his knees is unfathomable. I don’t think we’ve seen such an athletic bulky guy ever.

I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac, but Zion, if you are reading this, I implore you to lose some weight so that you have a long and successful NBA career. I would hate to see you suffer an unnecessary injury due to excess weight because you are destined for some amazing things in the sport of basketball.

Here’s the video comparing the two blocks, from two unbelievable athletes of their generation. Who did it better, MJ or Zion?