Zion Williamson might make his long-expected NBA debut tonight against the Utah Jazz

Zion Williamson might make his long-expected NBA debut tonight against the Utah Jazz

Zion Williamson is planning to make his NBA debut for the New Orleans Pelicans tonight against the Utah Jazz, who are currently the hottest team in the NBA, winning ten straight games in a row. The Jazz is hitting on all cylinders, and after a slow start into the season, they are playing great basketball and winning games. Pelicans, on the other hand, have games where they show off their potential and talent, but often there are games where they get outplayed big time by other teams. 

Pelicans GM David Griffin said Zion was progressing nicely, and everybody in the organization believes his return is close. The Pelicans don’t plan for Zion to play heavy minutes, and back-to-back games are already excluded. 

“He’s getting to the point where we actually believe he’s as ready as he thinks he is so it’s moving in the right direction. It’s not about a hard number. When you return to play from a serious injury, it’s about the burst. He’s going to play in a limited number of bursts, and it’s subjective, and you are going to judge what he looks like in each burst.”

The Pelicans need Zion and his versatility. It will be interesting to see how well he can adapt to playing in an NBA game, not to mention how immediate his presence will impact the Pelicans’ performance. It’s hard to say when (or if) Zion will begin to dominate as he did in college, but particular against a team as hot as the Jazz are right now. Still, for anyone willing to take a chance on the Pelicans tonight, SBD has published this list of safe to use sites, where the red hot Jazz are only slight favorites. 

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Zion play tonight who averaged 24 points in his four preseason games back in October, where he showed a transition to the NBA shouldn’t be a problem. The Pelicans are also struggling with injuries, which means his minutes will be vital if they want to win this game.