Zion out 6 -8 weeks after knee surgery

Zion out 6 -8 weeks after knee surgery

After suspecting that Zion’s undisclosed knee injury was more severe than presented at first, we were unfortunately proven right yesterday afternoon when the New Orleans Pelicans announced that Williamson had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to treat a torn meniscus.

The Pelicans expect Zion to miss between six to eight weeks after a meniscus trim in his right knee. This is the same knee Zion injured after his shoe exploded in late February in the long-awaited Duke vs. North Carolina game. It turned out Zion suffered a “mild knee sprain,” which was good news considering all the possible damage that could’ve happened to his knee. It turned out some damage was done during the sprain.

A healthy meniscus acts as a shock absorber and provides a smooth surface for your knee to glide on. A tear in the meniscus prevents your knee from rotating, causing pain and locking. A meniscus trim is a less invasive solution where the loose part of the meniscus is removed to alleviate pressure and increase mobility.

While less invasive than a full repair (which sidelines you for a lot longer period of time), you do lose some of the shock-absorbing and usually have to get follow up procedures during your career. The best example is Westbrook who had knee procedures every summer for the past few years, as a follow up to his meniscus trim.

This only reinforces the need for Zion to lose weight. It is obvious his body couldn’t absorb all the force he creates with a healthy meniscus, let alone a trimmed one. The Pelicans have the staff in place to get Zion where he needs to go, so let’s hope the surgery goes well, and Zion uses the rehab period to drop some pounds and comes back in full force.