Zion dominated and then sat out the second half after a knee-to-knee

Zion dominated and then sat out the second half after a knee-to-knee

The Clippers got Kawhi and George, and we will process the trade and ripple effects of this for days to come. It is still worthwhile remembering that Summer League just started and there is this Zion kid playing there. 

This was our first chance to see Zion in a Pelicans uniform, and he didn’t disappoint. LeBron and Floyd Mayweather were in the crowd, and if you wanted to be a part of the spectacle, you had to pay over $500 on the resale market. 

Zion’s first game as a pro had him playing against his Duke teammate R.J. Barret and the Knicks. Zion did everything we expected him to do. Ferocious dunks, unbelievable blocks, and overall impressive performance. Being great at Summer League doesn’t guarantee you are ready for the NBA, but damn Zion looks ready. Watch him taking the ball away from Knox.

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This is next level stuff

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Zion didn’t play in the second half after a knee-to-knee hit. There was no indication of a serious injury, but it is no surprise the Pelicans will take every precaution, especially after the shoe explosion (which feels a million years in the past).  

The game was stopped in the fourth quarter after a 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit 200 miles from Las Vegas. The whole arena shook, and you could see the big display and speaker system above the court swinging, so no risk was taken.  

He is strong, but it’s not likely Zion caused the earthquake.