Zion almost takes down a basket in a pick-up game

Zion almost takes down a basket in a pick-up game

Following Duke’s disappointing 68-67 season-ending loss to Michigan State on Sunday, it seems like their star player and likely number 1 pick in this year’s Draft Zion Williamson has decided to let out some of the frustration from the defeat on a basket.

Even though his season just ended, Zion didn’t want to take any time off as he decided to go for a run in some pick-up games. He didn’t show any mercy, as we can assume from the short clip of him almost taking down the basket from a self-alley-oop dunk.

Zion is coming off an impressive freshmen season in Duke, in which he averaged 22.6 points and 8.9 rebounds on 68% shooting from the floor. He also amazed the whole basketball world with his insane athleticism, as he has the NBA fandom ready for many highlights.

Williamson was leading a slumping Duke team through the NCAA tournament, as they barely got past UCF and Virginia Tech, but against Michigan State, they couldn’t squeeze by for a third time, as Zion’s 24 points and 14 rebounds weren’t enough to get them trough.

After the game, there was some talk of Zion and his star teammates returning for next season and maybe postponing their entry to the Draft this year (via Sports Illustrated):

We’re very upset obviously because we wanted to go to the Final Four, but congrats to Michigan State. They deserved it. They played a hell of a game. You just look around the locker room and see your teammates and your brothers and you just think this group will probably never going to play together again.

Those rumors have settled down as time past by and he is expected to apply for the Draft this year alongside a few of his teammates. We can only hope so because we can’t wait to see this high-flying action as soon as possible in the NBA.