Your Idol’s Idols: Allen Iverson’s All-Time favorite starting lineup

Your Idol’s Idols: Allen Iverson’s All-Time favorite starting lineup

In this series, we will take a look at the idols of your idols. NBA superstars named their heroes, those who inspired them, their all-time 5, and who they patterned their game from. Naming top 5 players is tricky as players have played in different eras. The level of competition is different, and the game has also evolved over the years. Here are Allen Iverson’s top 5 players of all time.

For Iverson, a Hall of Famer himself, his top 5 includes Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Shaquille O’Neal. The picks were expected, and they are all generational talents, some of the best the history of the game has ever seen. Curry will be named the greatest shooter of all time when all is said and done. His ability to score in bunches at any given time is unique. The Warriors guard can shoot on the fly and is a threat anywhere after the halfcourt line. His inclusion is a no-brainer.

AI has a deep bond with both Kobe and MJ. They battled fiercely on the court and respected each other’s game off the court. Naming Bryant and Jordan in the starting five means one of them would have to play the small forward position. In this lineup, it looks like Jordan will likely have to play the 3rd spot. Getting Kobe and Jordan, who can create shots, shoot the ball, and have that killer mentality, solidifies Iverson’s guard rotation.

James is an all-around player, but in this lineup, he will have to surrender playmaking duties to Curry and provide hustle, defense, and rebounding instead. James might lack a bit of height as a power forward, but he has proven he can do it all when needed. Shaq Diesel manning the paint is a good choice. At his peak, Shaq was just unstoppable and an immovable force in the shaded lane. By selecting him for the center position, Iverson clearly wanted an inside-outside game.

The threat of Curry’s outside sniping, Kobe and MJ’s midrange dominance, Shaq’s inside game, plus James’ all-around versatility make Iverson’s all-time starting five a balanced team. All five players can score, run, shoot and defend. This team is not only tough to beat but also fun to watch. Who do you think can beat AI’s first 5?

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