You can’t say stuff like “Jimmy Butler slowed me down”

You can’t say stuff like “Jimmy Butler slowed me down”

Andrew Wiggins pointed at Tom Thibodeau and Jimmy Butler as an explanation for his last season performance, or lack thereof. As Wiggins explained it “yelling and screaming isn’t necessarily coaching,” and there is some truth to that. Not everyone responds the same way to the same kind of communication, and a good coach can recognize that and adapt.  

But, the implication Wiggins made was that Thibodeau didn’t do much coaching and that Butler’s attitude stopped his development. If that’s true, Wiggins will have a hard time developing in the NBA. Scottie Pippen pointed that out on The Jump:

“I can see a little bit of what he’s saying, in terms of Jimmy coming there and him having to take a step back. But as a player in the league, being a young player you having to grow you can’t allow a new player to come in and stop your development. … Players are gonna always join your team, year in and year out. If you’re on a pace where you’re trying to be a star in this league you can’t say stuff like ‘Jimmy Butler slowed me down‘”

Wiggins talks about being a star, is paid like a superstar, and needs to accept the responsibility that comes with it. Even if you don’t like the way the coach is talking to you and a teammate behaves, your effort should still be there, your decision making on the court can’t improve.

Thibs may be old school, but you can’t say he doesn’t know basketball. You can learn from that man. If Wiggins is to live up to his draft pick and contract, most of the responsibility is on him. Improvements will happen this season or they most likely won’t happen at all.