“Yo, I just saw the next MJ”

“Yo, I just saw the next MJ”

There is only one Michael Jordan, and there will forever be just one Michael Jordan in the history of the NBA. But if anybody deserves the compliment of saying that his game resembles MJ’s the most, it is Kobe Bryant.

The resemblance was scary similar. You have two 6’6’ shooting guards, who both came into the league as players known for their athletic ability and trough their career improved so much on their game due to their unmatched passion for the game.

Both of them relied later on their mid-range and post-game, with a very respectable three-point shot and vast all-around skill-set which led them to numerous championships, or to be more specific 6 for MJ and 5 for Kobe.

But in what most people saw, the reincarnation of MJ was Kobe’s killer mentality that is not seen in any other player besides these two. And that is what made people compare Kobe with MJ and label him the next MJ through his career.

Bill Bellamy recently sat down Kristine Leahy in an interview in which he talked about the moment he first met a 17-year old Kobe fresh from prom and did an interview with him when not many people knew what he was going to become. He talked about how, after they did the interview played a two on two games in the park with some random two guys and was just in awe of what he saw.

“Id never saw anybody in my life do what he was doing in that park, live. I ran to my car, I called all my boys in NY, and said; Yo, I just saw the next MJ. Nobody believed me.”

It just shows how even at 17 Kobe was destined to be the next big thing in the NBA, and he certainly delivered.