With a little help from my friends

With a little help from my friends

Seven straight Finals is one of the most persuasive arguments any LeBron stan can throw out there. Making it to the Finals in today’s NBA is indeed a fantastic accomplishment, and it puts LBJ up there with all the greats. Lebron and James Jones; so I guess it’s a point all James Jones stans can use as well. 

James Jones is not a player anymore, but he is still helping LeBron out it would seem. After the Suns fired Ryan McDonough, Jones assumed the position of the interim GM. His first move was to trade Tyson Chandler to the LA Lakers. Since Chandler arrived do LA, the LeBron led team started to win. His second move as a GM?

Yep, another trade that would significantly help LA. Now, it’s not like Jones is hurting the Suns with these trades. They are the only team not in the playoff hunt in the West, their plans to be competitive fell through as they still have a huge hole at point guard and they are starting the Zion hunt to the bottom. 

Still, one can’t help to notice the connection between the two. It’s not uncommon for people to have a better relationship with former co-workers. Pop trades a lot to teams where the head coach is a former assistant. Danny Ainge has a few people he prefers to work with due to former work relationships (Ryan McDonough was one of them).

But are the Lakers in the position to make the best deal? They are trying to offload Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the process, so this will require a third team, something that’s very hard to achieve. Surely other teams can use Ariza (just ask the Rockets) and can offer more. 

There were also rumors that the Lakers talked to the Wizards about a John Wall trade that would center around Lonzo Ball. While these still are only rumors, a bigger picture can be quite telling.

We have heard many reports that many of the league’s young superstars are not so keen on playing with LeBron. That makes their free agency position less valuable and may direct them towards a trade more than a free agent signing.

Then there is all the Warriors drama, making them seem vulnerable. The Rockets are a total mess. It is becoming more obvious that Brandon Ingram can’t maximize his potential playing next to LeBron, so giving the kids time to develop (and annoy LeBron in the process) seems more futile.

Throughout his career, LeBron has shown a tendency for trading young players for established veterans. The LeBron GM narrative is well documented and more and more reports are painting a familiar picture. 

Free agency is seeming like a long shot, I ain’t getting younger, these kids don’t have what it takes, and the West is more balanced than ever. December 15th is the day when a lot of players become available for trades, keep your battery charged.