Windhorst: “The Pelicans are not interested in ANY of it!”

Windhorst: “The Pelicans are not interested in ANY of it!”

First, it was a rumor. Then it became very likely. Now we have reporting saying that Davis is letting everyone know he will become a Laker one way or the other. The league has been put on notice, anyone who trades for him is getting a rental deal.

Still, unlike with Paul George, the Lakers made “the Godfather offer” to the Pelicans. Everyone except LeBron is on the table; they want Davis in Los Angeles now. The Pelicans response? (via The Hoop Collective)

The Pelicans are not interested… They’re not interested in ANY of it. They’re not interested in 2 first round picks and all 4 young players. They don’t like the Lakers offer.

Windhorst, McMullin, and Shelburne (featured in this latest episode of the podcast) continued to point out that every other team complains about the Lakers cheating and tampering, but that is not at the core of this attitude. Everyone feels they have an unfair advantage because they are from LA and were once a great organization, their management and decisions in recent times weren’t good. Any other team would suffer much more from such mistakes.

This simply boils down to the valuation of their young talent – not good enough. With AD and LeBron the picks wouldn’t be amazing, and they don’t have a player with the potential to be a franchise cornerstone in the Pelicans eyes.

Yet, the tampering and issues teams around the league have with the Lakers are a real thing. Several times during the podcast people pointed out how much animosity there is towards the Lakers, and that has to factor into dealing with them a bit.

McMullin called it out for jealousy in large part, due to the undeserved advantage of playing in LA that has nothing to do with organizational quality. But, some of it can be attributed to Magic and his tampering that did result in fines more than once.