Why the Lakers still haven’t signed Anthony Davis

Why the Lakers still haven’t signed Anthony Davis

This free agency was considered week, and the case for it was made by saying that Fred VanVleet is the best unrestricted free agent available this offseason. That’s actually not the case – the best free-agent still available is Anthony Davis. But we all know the Klutch client isn’t going anywhere and the only question is how many years will AD choose to sign for with the Lakers.

COVID-19 makes predicting the cap in the next few years unpredictable so there are several combinations of what would financially be best for AD. Is it a 1+1 or 2+1; with the +1 obviously being a player option. The Bogdanović affair yet again demonstrated that most teams arrange deals long before it is legal, and it would be an illusion to think AD, Rich Paul, and the Lakers haven’t discussed all this in great detail. So why AD hasn’t signed yet?

A part of it could be wanting to own the news cycle. You wait for Shams and Woj to do their thing, the first wave of reactions pass and then your expected contract can still be a thing. That’s possible, and could be a part of it, but Brian Windhorst thinks there’s a bigger picture in play.

Every day that goes by and Giannis hasn’t signed the supermax, the likelihood of him testing free agency next year grows. All the teams we talked about chasing Giannis – Mavericks, Lakers, Raptors, Heat, and Warriors – made moves that give them a way to create cap space for Antetokounmpo next year.

If Giannis doesn’t sign, AD would sign a 1+1, so he’s off the books after this season. Then the Lakers could offer Giannis the max, and after he theoretically signs with them, bring back AD. It wouldn’t work the other way around. The Lakers are doing their due diligence, making sure they are as ready as they can be.

If Giannis actually leaves, the Bogdanović fiasco will become one of the most absurd ways to lose a superstar ever. If he joins LeBron and AD in LA, small-market teams may start a revolution.