Why Lonzo Ball will be an All-Star with the Bulls

Why Lonzo Ball will be an All-Star with the Bulls

Last season was his best, as Lonzo Ball averaged 14.6 ppg, 5.7 apg, and 4.8 rpg. The most significant improvement was in his jump shot, which got new life with the correction of his form and newly installed confidence. A reliable jumper mixed with his unmatched ability to run the offense and push the pace made him a perfect partner to Zion Williamson. Also, Lonzo’s play on the other side of the floor got some recognition, as he got labeled as one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA.

But still, it was apparent, Lonzo wasn’t playing to the max of his abilities. A big reason for that was Lonzo playing off the ball a lot of the time as the shooting guard while Eric Bledsoe was handling the offense. When Stan Van Gundy decided to allow Zion to bring up the ball and make plays, Lonzo was made redundant by standing in the corner. There was brink of hope for Lonzo in NOLA, considering Zion said he loves playing with Lonzo on numerous occasions. With Van Gundy getting fired and Bledsoe being traded, the field was open for Lonzo to stay a Pelican. But New Orleans didn’t want to match the Bulls‘ offer sheet, leading to Lonzo Ball becoming a Chicago Bull.

So what does that mean for Lonzo and the Bulls? This has the potential to be a perfect fit. Lonzo will finally have the opportunity to be the clear-cut point guard of the team, playing alongside Zach LaVine. An explosive back-court duo that will probably produce some of the best highlights next season. When it comes to the playstyle, we can see how this could work well. Lonzo has an All-Star right next to him and another one down low in Nikola Vučević. You can be sure these two will get their shots. When it comes to Lonzo scoring, he is best in transition and on catch and shoots. Instead of creating his own shot, Lonzo will rather look for his spots and let LaVine and Vučević create and kick it out to him for wide-open shots. That way, he will have the perfect balance of setting up the offense for others and getting his points from the sheer creating abilities LaVine and Vučević have.

That is something the Bulls missed last season, with Coby White playing more as a scorer and creator rather than distributing the ball. Now they have a pass-first point guard that can easily dominate the game without shooting a single shot. Considering how good LaVine and Vučević are as scorers, this could be the perfect fit.

At 23 years old, the best is ahead of Lonzo, as we are seeing how specific point guards take time to develop into All-Star players. This could be an excellent shot for Lonzo to break out, playing in the Eastern Conference with a team that has a lot of potential based on their new roster additions (Alex Caruso coming off the bench can’t hurt). If Lonzo gets the opportunity to play his game and roll free with the Bulls, I can see him possibly sneaking into the All-Star game. The Bulls will definitely be a League Pass darling next season.