Why Klay Thompson is one of the most beloved players in the NBA
"They pay me to shoot the ball"

Why Klay Thompson is one of the most beloved players in the NBA

Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA. The Warriors shooting guard has made a name for himself, as the second part of the “Splash Bros” with Stephen Curry, known for his beautiful shooting form. Klay’s impeccable shooting touch and skill got him to 5x All-Star appearances, 3x Championships, and 2x All-NBA selections, but what fans love most about Klay is his relaxed and unique personality.

Even though we haven’t had the chance to watch Klay on the court for the past two seasons due to some unfortunate and challenging injuries, that didn’t stop us from having Klay entertain us with his everyday shenanigans. The luxurious lifestyle mixed with the laid-back character Klay possesses is a must-watch, but what you didn’t know, Klay is the same on the court. Even though he always seems locked in and on point while playing, a story by his former teammate Festus Ezeli is the perfect epitome of Klay’s mentality:

“One game, we were up 3 with 15 seconds left and somebody threw the ball to Klay. At this point, you just hold the ball. As soon as it touches his hands, Klay shoots it. Draymond was like, “What were you doing? Why would you shoot that?” Klay said, “Dog, they pay me to shoot the ball.”

Festus Ezeli, The Athletic

This scene is the perfect example of how those Warriors teams worked. You have Draymond being the emotional leader like always, going after Klay for taking an irrational shot late in the game, only to get such a hilarious and straightforward response from Klay. He isn’t wrong. The Warriors pay him a lot to shoot the ball, but maybe he should have been patient in this instance and waited to get fouled, sealing the game from the “charity stripe.” But this was a more interesting way to close the deal. No harm was done, as they probably took the game anyways, but I can only imagine Draymond’s reactions to what Klay said.

Even though the Warriors dominated the NBA for years, after suffering some injuries to their stars, alongside Durant leaving, they have been the shadow of their past self. But next season, they have a great chance to be back in the spotlight. Curry proved he is still an MVP-caliber player last season, Klay is targeting a return on Christmas Day, and Draymond is still capable of playing his role.

To add to the veteran trio, the Warriors have some young studs supporting them in the likes of Wiggins, Wiseman, Kuminga, and Poole, as they could be a real problem in the West. Hopefully, Klay comes back without any rust, but it will be a process to get back to his old level after two years off the court. I’m sure every NBA fan will be rooting for Klay.