Why Jamal Crawford was left out of the Suns’ group texts

Why Jamal Crawford was left out of the Suns’ group texts

Veterans often need to reinvent themselves to stay in the league. Update to the changes in the game to survive. Just ask Vince Carter or Jamal Crawford. How they play is much different from when they were in their prime. 

While they can hide their age on the court, the locker room is a different story. Veteran presence in the locker room is valuable to guide young players throughout the season, but there is a challenge in relating to someone 10-15 years younger than you. It seems it also creates logistical issues.

One of the things an assistant coach has to make sure is that all players are informed of the daily schedule. That takes a lot of time and energy, to coordinate and get everyone on the same page. Like any other business, teams try out different ways of communicating to find what works best. Crawford, 39 years old, was having a hard time participating in the coordination process. Here’s former Suns’ assistant coach Cody Toppert (via Hoops Hype)

“GroupMe is used by a lot of teams, and I like it because you can see who has or hasn’t read your message. Some teams use WhatsApp (especially overseas teams). There’s also Teamworks, which is a team-focused messaging app. Last year, when I was with the Suns, we tried several of the apps, but our players were having trouble getting our messages for whatever reason, so we went old-school and would just send group texts over iMessage. That ended up being the most successful group-chat option for us. Jamal Crawford still has a BlackBerry, so we couldn’t include him on the group texts and had to send everything to him in a separate text, which I thought was hilarious (laughs).”

Yep, you read that right. Crawford still uses a Blackberry. Honestly, I was convinced they stopped making those but as it turns out, they are still in the mobile phone business.