Why Dwight tweeted he was staying an hour before he left

Why Dwight tweeted he was staying an hour before he left

This is getting ridiculous. First, we had Tilman Fertitta deleting his tweet about the Warriors luxury tax bill. Then, Dwight Howard tweeted he was staying with the Lakers and an hour later agreed to a contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.

As if the NBA doesn’t have a long tradition of lessons regarding tweeting, Kevin Durant and Bryan Colangelo come to mind. Also, deleting your tweet does nothing nowadays. Someone will have a screenshot, so what’s the point. Leave it up there and own it. 

Was Dwight trolling, yet again leaving the Lakers for Daryl Morey? I have to admit, that was my first instinct. There goes Dwight trying to be funny again. But, this time, it seems we have a case of miscommunication. According to Chris Haynes, Dwight and the Lakers talked about bringing him back on a one-year $3 million deal.

Sources within the organization are adamant that a formal offer was never made, maintaining that dialogue was merely a “deal concept.”Howard thought if he agreed to the “deal concept” that it was a done deal, sources said.

Chris Haynes, Yahoo Sports

The Lakers front office had to get approval from ownership, while communication was only between the Lakers front office and Howard’s team. During that time, the 76 came in with the offer and sealed the deal with Dwight. 

He had a previous relationship with Daryl Morey when he left the lakers the first time to join the Rockets. Joel Embiid also joined the recruiting process and helped Howard decide to become a 76er. 

You’d think people would know the difference between a “deal concept” and a “deal,” but every offseason, we have a few stories that turn out to be mixed signals. At least we didn’t have two Brooks’ getting mixed up.