Who the fu$& you talking to?

Who the fu$& you talking to?

The Draymond vs. KD argument is the hot topic right now, and if you still don’t know the details, you can get up to speed here. Everyone is interested mostly because we finally got something we may convince ourselves could be a chink in the armor! One is sensitive to criticism, the other a hothead that talks a lot, so this was bound to happen at a certain point.

Marcus Thompson II. from The Athletic reported that the confrontation involved Draymond telling Durant they won before he was there and that Draymond made a lot of plays in his life, so he can’t be talked to like “a scrub.” He continued to call Durant out on making this whole season about him and his decision on where will he sign next season. According to some versions of the event, the word ‘bitch’ was used liberally and that was a line management felt should’ve been crossed, so Draymond got suspended.

So, what does this tell us? This may be a big deal or just a standard friction point in a long season. What we do know is that Durant’s handling of his pre-agency is something others have noticed and didn’t like. It’s no secret KD is quite vain and enjoys the attention, that has to rub people the wrong way.

If you think about the report, what Draymond is telling him if you get to be selfish (and monopolize the hype about you not committing long term) then I get to be selfish (and drive the ball to make a game-winning play, which I have done in the past). Now, I am sure Draymond did not send his message in such a concise and mature way (if anybody from the Warriors is reading, I do provide coaching on communication) and that’s the problem here.

It is entirely possible the locker room agrees with Draymond’s message, but not his way of delivering it (which has been an issue in the past). If KD is gonna do his diva act and not commit to the Warriors, he should understand that that comes with some consequences. One of them being, he may not get all the shots he wants. I’m not saying it is smart, but it is to be expected.

The only way to find out is to watch the Warriors in the next few weeks to see if there are some consequences from this incident. If their dominance made them boring to watch, problem solved.

photo by Keith Allison