Who are the Jokic brothers and should the Morris brothers be afraid of them?

Who are the Jokic brothers and should the Morris brothers be afraid of them?

A fastbreak foul that happened in the game between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets led to a bench-clearing incident. Now, the issue has spilled off the court with brothers of the players involved trading barbs on Twitter.

The foul that started it all

Markieff Morris intentionally bumped Nikola Jokic on the ribs and hit his knee to stop the play. It didn’t sit well with Jokic, who thought it was a dirty move. With Morris’ back turned, Nikola shoved him from behind. Blindsided by the retaliation, Morris lay on the ground, unable to move for a few minutes but was ultimately okay. 

Fortunately, Markieff did not suffer any injuries as his head appeared to snap back in the slo-mo replay. However, the same could be said to Nikola because he was running full speed and wasn’t looking when Morris hit him. It was a normal foul anyone would expect coming from a Morris twin: hard, intentional, and borderline dirty. Nuggets fans argue that Markieff only got a taste of his own medicine, and Heat players should not get riled up. 

It was a rare show of emotions for the former MVP, and it was an overreaction on his part. Both got tossed up in the aftermath, but Jokic could face a suspension for his foul. Denver is the bigger loser here because they will miss their star player in the following games, depending on the length of the suspension. 

Now, the incident has spilled over to social media after Markieff’s twin Marcus and the Jokic brothers traded barbs on Twitter. 

Jokic brothers responded to Marcus Morris

The Heat players called out Jokic and some Nuggets players because of the incident. Almost the entire Miami squad waited for Jokic in the hallway. Thankfully, no confrontations happened. Marcus Morris naturally defended his brother on social media.

On the other hand, Jokic’s brothers saw what happened during the game and were pictured monitoring the situation closely. But who were the brothers, and should the Morris’ twins be afraid of them?

Nikola has two older brothers Strahinja and Nemanja. They could be seen several times in the past getting involved whenever their brother got caught up in situations. One was an altercation on the sidelines, and one was when Jokic was named MVP.

After their brother got hurt and threatened, Strahinja and Nemanja created a Twitter account to respond to Marcus’ Tweet. Allegedly, the account was legit, as confirmed by Mike Singer, a Denver Post reporter. 

Nemanja played Division I basketball at the University of Detriot Mercy. At 6’6”, he has the height to play pros. Nemanja holds a business administration degree, per The Focus. Meanwhile, Strahinja also played some basketball but in Europe. Between the two, Stranhinja is the one who hated to lose more. 

The Twitter war between the Morris twins and the Jokic brothers is the perfect recipe for the media. Now that the issue is trending, fans are tuning in to what will happen next. Hopefully, it will not lead to some face-to-face altercation and what happens on social media stays on social media.