When Westbrook took over his friends’ chores in high school

When Westbrook took over his friends’ chores in high school

Russell Westbrook is mean on the court and often aloof with the press. We often make the mistake the way a player behaves in front of cameras is who he is. Westbrook’s high-school story proves us wrong.

In May 2004, Westbrook’s friend Khelcey Barrs collapsed on the Los Angeles Southwest College gym floor during a weekly scrimmage game. Unfortunately, he later died at the hospital. Losing one of your closest friends and teammates is a horrible shock at such a young age, so what Russell did is even more impressive. 

Westbrook stepped up, and he stepped up big time. Westbrook took over doing his chores at his grandmother’s house until he went off to UCLA. Barrs used to wash his younger sister Marilyn’s hair once a week, so in stepped Westbrook to fill the role. To this day, Marilyn considers Westbrook to be another big brother.

Westbrook recently honored his friend with a special edition of his  Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. He did a lot of versions of the shoe since it first launched, and in April he launched the “KB3” edition. My emotions may be getting to me, but these look awesome.

Guess this is another reality check; we might not love them on the court, or with the media – but your average NBA star is probably a role model and someone we can be proud represents the basketball community.