When D-Rose deprived 21,919 fans of a free Big Mac

When D-Rose deprived 21,919 fans of a free Big Mac

For only one night on February 28, 2012, Derrick Rose might’ve been the most hated individual at United Center. But he sure was beloved at McDonald’s. Because what is one’s loss is another’s gain. And that night, Bulls fans lost out big time. Or should I say, Big Mac time?

21,919 of them were waiting for their basketball hero to get his team to triple digits. Because every time they would do that, the burger chain would have to deliver on its promise to give every fan in attendance a free Big Mac.

And so, with Chicago up 4, with 4.5 seconds on the clock, D-Rose went to the line to seal the game for the Bulls and seal the burgers for the fans. And he went there being on fire. With 19.4 seconds left, he had hit the jumper to put the Bulls up for good against the Hornets. He also hit two free throws with 10 seconds to put the Bulls up 99-95. The rhythm Derrick was in, Big Macs seemed like a lock.

But they weren’t because Rose missed them both. When it mattered the most that night, Chicago’s superstar didn’t deliver. MVP chants turned into occasional boos. But there was no who felt worse than Derrick himself.

I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’ That’s all I was thinking about, man. I saved McDonald’s a lot of money, so they should be happy.

Derrick Rose, ESPN

He did save McDonald’s a lot of money, but he shouldn’t have felt like Jackie Moon. Because Rose didn’t plead with his teammates to miss those free throws on purpose, nor did he fleed the arena after the damage had already been done. Other than the occasional ‘boo,’ the Bulls fans weren’t too hard on their best player. They were on Kirk Hinrich tough, who got himself in a similar situation and was loudly booed during the on-court interview after he also failed to break a 100, depriving the fans free burgers.

Perhaps the fact that Rose had 32 that night had something to do with Bulls fans being softer on him. Because he didn’t save them a few bucks, but he did secure the team’s 28th win of the regular season, That’s a good trade-off, if you ask me. And I bet most of those 21,919 fans would tell you the same.

But a certain cooldown period had to pass for some. Because at that moment, with Chicago up by 4, and NBA’s MVP on the line, all they hoped for were free Big Macs, and their favorite guy didn’t deliver; hence, neither did McDonald’s.