When Carmelo almost drowned: “LeBron, you saved my life that day”

When Carmelo almost drowned: “LeBron, you saved my life that day”

Four max players on the same team happens only in a perfect storm of Curry on an undervalued contract, a huge cap spike that brings you Kevin Durant before you have to give new contracts to Klay and Draymond. Yet, there was a time when we seriously did the math on such a proposition.

There was a time in the NBA when cap experts were calculating the chances of LeBron, Carmelo, Wade and Chris Paul teaming up together. The Banana Boat crew is so close it seemed possible for everyone to take a discount and team up together. The kind of friends that are the closest thing to family you’ll have; the same kind of sacrifice and love. Carmelo Anthony told a story that proves it to be true.

Melo, LeBron, and Wade were in the Bahamas (unclear if CP3 was there as well) on vacation. One day, they were swimming and snorkeling, and Melo got a bit carried away. He stayed behind, and suddenly a current was pulling him out to the ocean.

“It was my fault. I’m trying to see the last bit of the barracuda snorkeling, and all that. I look up; the current is taking me in the middle of the ocean, opposite from the boat. It was windy, and all type of shit was going through my head. I look up at the boat, and I see Bron jumps out the boat like he is MacGyver. He was bringing me back with one arm. He’s swimming with the other arm and carrying me with one arm. He saved my life.”

Carmelo Anthony

If you’ve never been caught in a current, it’s scarier than you think. It happens fast and it is impossible to swim against it. The key is to remain calm, call for help and not to try and swim against, but out of the current (usually in a 90 degree angle from the direction of the current.) 

The alternative would be to have LeBron James with you, but that’s not as likely. LeBron’s reaction is all you need to know about the friendship he has with Melo. Maybe their last year, they all sign minimum deals for the Sonics when the NBA finally brings back NBA to Seattle. A man can dream.