When Barkley kissed a donkey’s ass after losing a bet

When Barkley kissed a donkey’s ass after losing a bet

Chuck on February 6th: ‘The Clippers will have the best record in the West.‘ Charles on December 26th: ‘We’re going to spend two weeks in LA for the WCF.‘ Charles on the same day: ‘Denver is not a contender.’ Charles on October 24th: ‘Golden State will be the 7th or 8th seed in the West.

You get it by now; Barkley’s predictions are terrible. The guy can’t get it right. And it goes all the way back, to the very start of the relationship between him and the Inside the NBA. But other than the roast session by the crew, Chuck usually doesn’t pay the price for being wrong. Until he did.

This was Barkley’s prediction: ‘If Yao Ming scores over 19 points, I’m going to kiss Kenny’s ass.’ Here’s a little context. This was four games into Yao’s rookie campaign after Ming had a zero-points display in his 15-minute performance against the SuperSonics. By that point, a 7-6 rookie from China had cumulatively dropped 10 points on .333 shooting, as it seemed he was mired in a deep slump it would be hard to get out of.

So with a four-game sample on his side, Charles decided to make prediction. But it wasn’t a one game prediction. Nor was it the one for a smaller stretch of basketball to be played. This was an 82 game prediction (or 78 should I say). But Chuck had seen enough. In his eyes, there was no way Yao would score 19.

On November 17, Yao scored 20. Houston played the Lakers, and Ming had a breakout NBA performance. In nearly 23 minutes of action, a 22-year-old rookie hadn’t missed a single shot. He went 9-for-9 from the field, and 2-for-2 from the free-throw line, as the Rockets beat LA 93-89. Thus another one of Chuck’s predictions didn’t come true; only this time, he had to pay up. And by pay up, I mean…Well, take a look for yourself.

Don’t bet on your predictions, Chuck. Something’s clearly wrong with your crystal ball. Instead, let Shaq do it. He’s got rings, ergo, his predictions will be on point.