What the NBA doesn’t want you to know about Derrick Rose

What the NBA doesn’t want you to know about Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is widely known and recognized as one of the most beloved players in the Association. The youngest MVP ever was one of the most unique and special players in his heyday, winning over numerous fans with his flashy style of play and athletic ability. To add to that, Rose is known for his humble and calm demeanor that made him a very loveable person. That resulted in Derrick having many fans to this day, even though he isn’t the shade of the player he once was. But like everybody in the world, “D-Rose” is not perfect.

Rose was not the best student in high school and was struggling to pass the SATs. He failed three times in Chicago and was in a problematic situation because he had to pass to be eligible for college basketball at the University of Memphis. For the 4th try, Rose went to Detroit and finally achieved the qualifying score, so he eventually joined the Tigers.

As a freshman, Rose dominated the college scene leading his team to 38 wins and getting to the NCAA Championship Game, where they dramatically lost to Kansas. Rose went on to apply for the Draft and was picked #1 by his hometown Chicago Bulls. It would be later that we found out all this most likely happened as a result of fraud.

“It was then that Memphis was first notified that star freshman point guard Derrick Rose, who helped the Tigers to an NCAA-record 38 wins and was soon going to become the No. 1 pick in the 2008 NBA draft by his hometown Bulls, had an invalidated standardized test score the previous year at Chicago’s Simeon High School, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the e-mail.”

Andy Katz, ESPN

His friend wrote that exam under Rose’s name, helping him pass the obstacle on his way to college. Rose couldn’t be penalized at that point, but his Alma mater Memphis, would have to pay the price for Rose cheating. Their whole 2007-2008 season would be wiped, as their 38 wins went to 0 wins in the history books.

Rose kept quiet about the whole situation, as his actions hurt Memphis basketball, leaving a bitter taste of betrayal. It created a paradox in which Rose is known for being one of the good guys, someone who advocates for young players to follow the rules and take education seriously, while he, on the other side, did just the opposite.

Rose is almost universally loved, but it is what it is; the truth is not always pretty. DRose is still a fantastic player and does a lot for the community, but this is something that will always stay on his record.