What Joe Johnson did to have a career-best % from the 3pt back in ’05

What Joe Johnson did to have a career-best % from the 3pt back in ’05

Joe Johnson, otherwise known as “Iso Joe” is probably one of the coldest and most underrated dudes in the history of the league. He was a silent killer that would let his game do the talking.

He came into the league in 2001 as a 10th pick in the first round by the Boston Celtics but was shipped to the Suns after just one season. There he would slowly turn into the player that became an All-Star and was more known in his Atlanta and Brooklyn days.

Later in his career, he became known as a shot maker and a clutch one, but he wasn’t always like that. What helped him becoming the player he is definitely must have been the methods he used to improve his shooting back in Phoenix in 2005 which led him to have a fantastic season of spot up shooting.

Joe himself reminisced on that time:

“Phil Weber, who was an assistant coach at the time, after every practice man, me and him would be in the gym,” Johnson said. “Not only getting extra shots up, but we had the heavy ball. At the time, I’m not even sure they had like the heavy basketball they got like now, we was using a medicine ball. And I would shoot like with a 25-pound medicine ball, I had to make like 150 shots after every practice. My arm would be wore out. So I had to do it after every practice. I dreaded it. I hate seeing him. And that’s what it was. He made me do it after every practice, man, and it paid off. It paid off big-time.”

That season put him into top 5 three point percentages in a single season in all of the history of the NBA. Although Hoiberg had a better percentage with 48.3% percent he only took 145 attempts, while Joe had 47% on 370 attempts.

Obviously playing alongside Steve Nash and in a Mike D’Antoni system helped him a lot as he had a breakout year which led him to become a star player in the following years. All those shots he made for the Nets, they were earned in Phoenix.

So kids if you want to improve your jump shot, take a medicine ball in your hand and get to work.