What is ‘The Kreklow Line’?

What is ‘The Kreklow Line’?

All of us must have had a childhood dream of playing basketball in the NBA while dribbling the ball at the nearest playground or while playing a 2K video game. Winning the Championship ring was the greatest dream. Each season, about 450 players get the chance to play in the league, and only one team with 15 players on the roster can lift the Championship trophy at the end of the Playoffs race.

Each team has a rotation of 8 to 10 players that get a significant amount of playing time. All other players on the roster can expect a substitution only during the garbage time. Their impact on the team’s performance is meaningless, yet they receive a Championship ring if their team is successful at the end of the year. ‘The Kreklow Line,’ a term created by Seth Rosenthal, describes the players who have played 100 minutes or less in a season for a team that has won the title.

Wayne Kreklow played exactly 100 minutes for the 1981 Boston Celtics and got a shiny Championship ring thanks to his teammates like Larry Bird, Tiny Archibald, Robert Parish and, Kevin McHale. When Chicago Bulls won the Championship in 1997, Matt Steigenga played just a total of 12 minutes appearing in two regular season games. Steigenga’s career stats are impressive: 3 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and, a Championship ring.

In the last five seasons, there have been some players who met all the criteria. They played less than 100 minutes in a single season, and they won a Championship with the team. We can highlight Sasha Kaun, who played 95 minutes for the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers or Ognjen Kuzmić, who played 72 minutes and scored 20 points for 2015 Golden State Warriors.

This season main contenders to meet ‘The Kreklow Line’ are: Andrew Bogut, 1st choice at 2005 NBA Draft, who has played a total of 84 minutes (up to April 2) for reigning champions from Oakland, California and Pau Gasol, who signed with the Milwaukee Bucks after his contract was bought out by San Antonio Spurs. The Spanish forward/center has played just 30 minutes upon his arrival to the new team.

It is important to note that, all those players (who play in the NBA) are elite athletes, but due to roster activities and rotation some of them cannot get adequate playing time.