What are the stats Kawhi looks at after a game?

What are the stats Kawhi looks at after a game?

It’s all about spacing and three-pointers these days. Ben Simmons is an amazing player, but his lack of shooting brings so much pain for 76ers fans the idea of trading him has been floated more than once this season. If you can’t shoot, you become a significant liability, even though you do a lot of other things extremely well.

Steve Kerr said he looks at turnovers (Golden state’s biggest flaw) and how many points came from assists when glancing over the box score for the first time after a game. Makes sense, as he believes the ball has energy and sharing it equals winning.

In his latest press conference, Kawhi shared what are the stats he looks at after a game, and it gives a very interesting insight into his perception of basketball.

I look at rebounds, turnovers, and field goal percentage for each team. Obviously points in the paint and seeing what were the runs. That’s pretty much it, but the big three I look at the turnovers, rebounds, and field goal percentage.

No three-pointers in there, huh. Something all ex-players and coaches stress – controlling the boards and the paint is a foundation on which you build a successful defense, and defense wins championships. If you give your opponent transition baskets and second and third chances, you are toast.

Let’s see how it goes in Game 5 tonight.