“WE’RE NOT JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER” LeBron fires back at Kyrie

“WE’RE NOT JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER” LeBron fires back at Kyrie

Kyrie Irving has said it – The King wasn’t the motherf—-r he could count on to make shots – Kevin Durant is. It didn’t take long for James to subtly fire back at his former teammate.

This comes as an unwanted nuisance for LeBron, who is in the middle of the Finals series against the Heat. But shots fired at him by his former partner in crime had James engaging in a little back-and-forth with him, as King offered a seemingly calculated and hilarious response to the Nets’ point guard.

And while that was the end of that on LeBron’s part, it sure wasn’t on Kyrie’s. In the midst of narratives shaping up, Irving published his response to the backlash, in the most Kyrie Irving video you’ll ever see.

In a narrative oriented NBA environment, with all the history with him and LeBron, indirectly comparing James’ ability to close the game to your new teammate’s in KD will make some headlines. We’re already a few years into this social media craze, and by now, modus operandi is well established.

Kyrie is obviously aware of it, but his rebellion against the system continues. The consequence of an NBA superstar talking about his peers, in today’s climate, is fairly obvious. So if Kyrie doesn’t want to be a part of it, he should stop providing a cause for it in the first place.

He provided it, and now he’ll have to live with narratives. Is this the reason he left the Cavs? Would he take Durant over LeBron? Does he not consider LeBron to be a clutch player? This will all be discussed, and it’s all courtesy of Kyrie Irving – the man who hates the narrative-oriented environment but continues to be its supply manager.

Meanwhile, LeBron continues to get himself ready for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, with his subtle shot at his long-lost being the icing on the cake on the whole situation.