Weirdest injury in a long time

Weirdest injury in a long time

Whenever you hear of an injury, that’s sad news. Every player suffers a setback through a career, some have a bad injury that then lingers, some have a body that can’t sustain the tempo of the league, but some players have awful luck.

Zhaire Smith was selected by the Suns and a part of a draft-day trade with the 76ers. He signed with the Sixers and unfortunately fractured his foot during Summer League. Just as he was getting better and his NBA debut was in sight, he had the most unfortunate setback.

Smith has a peanut allergy, and the team made sure his food was prepared separately. Despite all the precautions, he had an allergic reaction, and quite a serious one it seems. Here is the team’s press release from 9th November:

Zhaire Smith is recovering well after receiving additional medical treatment for complications derived from the allergic reaction that initially required a thoracoscopy. His return to athletic training has yet to be determined and as such, there is no timetable for his return to play.

A thorascopy is the insertion of a small tube with a camera through a small incision of the chest wall. It’s used to examine the lungs and the chest cavity. As it turns out, Smith also has a sesame allergy, and it is believed that is what triggered the reaction.

Along with his sesame allergy, the test also discovered he has an allergy to several kinds of lettuce. Neither Smith or the Sixers were aware of these additional allergies. Unfortunately, there were complications from the thorascopy so his return has been postponed, he is not expected on the court in 2018!

If there is such a thing as an injury bug, seems there are lots of them in Pilly. We hope Smith has no other complications and has his NBA debut soon in 2019.