“We will trade him [Iguodala], period”

“We will trade him [Iguodala], period”

The moment he got traded to Memphis, Andre Igoudala became the most coveted trade in the NBA. With such balance in the ring chase, he can provide the crucial 15-20 minutes on the wing that could be the difference between winning and losing. Two teams immediately came to the top of the speculation ring – Clippers and Lakers.

It’s not shocking Igoudala wants to be playing for a contender, and being in LA doesn’t hurt at all. Both teams don’t have much to trade, thanks to their Anthony Davis and Paul George trades, and they had hoped the Grizzlies would buy Igoudala out. Memphis has been clear from the start; they have no such intentions. A lot of teams thought it was just game theory, predicting he would be bought out in the end. But, a third suitor appeared, and it seems if anyone wants Andre, they will have to trade for him.

“We will trade him, period. We’ve gone far enough into the structure of deals with more than one team to say that [confidently].”

Grizzlies executive to Eric Pincus, BR

As reported by Mark Stein, the Mavericks were in contact with the Grizzlies and talked trade packages for Igoudala. They recently stated they are currently not actively pursuing a trade for him. The sentiment around the league is Dallas is posturing to lower the asking price, mainly the Warriors 2020 second-round pick they got in the Bogut trade in 2016. With Warriors playing so poorly, that pick could end up being the first pick of the second round, and the Mavs are not inclined to include it in the trade. Still, the Grizzlies remain confident in trading Andre, and LA teams will need to step up to get him.

A lot can change between now and the trade deadline in February. Contenders will work around the fringes, as no star players are likely to change teams. Keep in mind most organizations don’t want to take on significant 2021 salary when free agency has a lot more big names available to sign.