We have a new record ticket price in NBA Finals history

We have a new record ticket price in NBA Finals history

The salary cap for this year was a bit under the projections because we had fewer playoff games than usual. That has an impact on “basketball-related income,” which determines the cap. When you hear about ticket prices in the Finals, things start to make sense.

It was reported the average ticket price for Game 5 in Toronto was around $2.200. If you multiply that with 19,800, the number of seats in Scotiabank Arena, you get to around $45 million!!

Game 6 in Oakland will break that record, and first astonishing numbers have started to come in. Sit down before you continue reading this.

When they say that the Warriors could afford a $450 million payroll in the scenario where they resign Klay and KD to a max contract and then go deeeep into the luxury tax, it always sounded absurd. Paying 450 when the cap is 110??

But then take into consideration that Chase Center will be the newest arena in the NBA, located in one of the richest cities and areas in the world and all that to see one of the best teams ever play…starts to make sense.

Just a reminder – we will probably find out that StubHub or SeatGeek made an even bigger sale in the secondary market. To compare it with Game 5, while the average price was around $2200, the average price on the secondary market was above $5000.

For the rest of us, it’s popcorn, a cold one and turning on the TV.