WATCH: Carmelo Anthony and James Harden finally playing together

WATCH: Carmelo Anthony and James Harden finally playing together

James Harden of the Houston Rockets made a positive statement about Carmelo Anthony in August and said that the interaction with the forward will work well. According to him, it will be easy to integrate the ex-OKC player.

“I was an NBA MVP last season and now we’ve got Carmelo Anthony. It is going to be easy,” Harden said. “It’s easy to integrate him, and having so many talented and intelligent players who love to communicate makes the job easy.”

During summer Anthony signed one year deal worth $ 2.4 million. Harden is definitely a big fan of this acquisition. “Everyone knows what Melo can do, how talented he is, he has a lot in his tank and we’ll get the most out of him.” In addition, Harden found that the Rockets are not valued enough. This is similar to last year when there was a lot of doubt as to whether Harden and Chris Paul could work together on the backcourt.

Now there is a proof that Carmelo Anthony is already attempting to develop chemistry with his new teammates, as he prepares to suit up for the Houston Rockets in the 2018-19 season.

Melo was seen playing alongside James Harden at a “Black Ops” run in New York City. And while it may have essentially been a pick-up game, it’s still great to see a preview of what NBA fans will see in the future. Both Harden and Melo seemed to have no problem knocking down jumpers over their defenders, who clearly were a big downgrade from the NBAers the two usually square off against. Still, that crossover and stepback jumper by Melo was a thing of beauty.