Warriors win the game, lose Kevin Durant

Warriors win the game, lose Kevin Durant

It was an amazing game, the last quarter is an instant rewatchable, but the main story of tonight’s game is Kevin Durant. We are waiting for official confirmation, but all signs point to a torn Achilles. 

KD came back after a month of rehab, his only real basketball activity was a 3 on 3 with some of the Warriors young players, and then it was announced he would play in tonight’s game. That wouldn’t be so surprising, but the end of the announcement informed us he would not be on a minute restriction. What?

With 9:50 left in the 2nd quarter, KD planted his right leg to change direction on a dribble move and just stopped playing. Limped a few steps and got on the ground – he instantly grabbed his Achilles. At that point, he played 12 of the possible 14 minutes, a lot for a player who came back from an injury without a full rehab process. 

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Just hate to see this happen. Fingers crossed for KD.

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We know KD is sensitive to what people are saying and there has been a lot of talk about him not being out there while Klay and Looney are playing through injury. If that influenced his decision to come back, it shouldn’t have. The most dominant scorer in the game has nothing to prove, and we probably lost him for the entire season. 

Splash Brothers came through

The entire second and third quarter was a blur, with everyone still processing the KD injury. THen the fourth quarter started, and the importance of the moment came back into everyone’s consciousness. 

After trailing for most of the game, the Raptors made a push and took the lead, only to witness another spectacular Splash Brothers performance. Steph and Klay stepped up and made some incredible shots, but let’s not forget the most intelligent defender in the game. Kyle Lowry had a shot at winning the game, but somehow, Draymond appeared and blocked the attempt. 

Game 6 will be in Oracle Arena on Thursday. The last Warriors game in Oracle, bound to be wild.