Warriors receive ’17/’18 rings

Warriors receive ’17/’18 rings

In honor of their 2017-18 NBA championship, players, coaches and owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber received their championship rings. In the spirit of Joe Lacob’s ”light years away” comment, these rings are first of the kind in NBA history.

The top of each ring is reversible. Seventy-four sapphires on the “blue” side represent the number of wins (regular season and playoff) by the Warriors last season. On the “white” side, 74 diamonds represent the win total. The Warriors’ mantra, “Strength in Numbers,” is revealed when the ring’s top is twisted off. Yep, they have a twist off diamond-saffire ring. There is bound to be an anecdote in 20 years about some player twisting it off and losing a part of the ring, guaranteed.  I didn’t say I would bet it will be Draymond, who said that?

Steve Kerr reflected on the achievements before the game (via ESPN) “I think there was a young guy named Steph Curry in the building,” Kerr said. “Who this whole thing has sort of revolved around in many ways as it’s all crystallized. I always look at the teams I’ve played for and why they worked. Chicago was all about Michael Jordan, but then you think of all the great players around Michael. Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc. You realize you have to have that — that first domino has to fall. Michael was the first domino [for the Bulls]. David Robinson was the first domino to fall in San Antonio. And then it requires some luck.”

“Maybe you get Tim Duncan in the lottery too,” Kerr continued. “Maybe you get Draymond Green with the 35th pick. And as Bob [Myers] always said, if we were that smart we wouldn’t have taken him 35th. We would have taken him a lot earlier. So there’s a lot of luck involved — but I think that there’s a structure that has to be in place that Joe immediately went to work on when he bought this team with Peter [Guber]. And tonight is a night to sort of reflect on that and then all of a sudden you warm up and you got to play the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

And they won against the OKC, 108-100. Steph scored 32 and got close to a triple-double (11-20 FG, 5-9 3 PT, 8 RBD, 9 AST), KD helped with 27 and the chase for the (inevitable) three-peat is on.