Warriors forward Draymond Green cut down alcohol to stay in shape

Warriors forward Draymond Green cut down alcohol to stay in shape

After winning three titles in five seasons, the Golden State Warriors entered a dark period. They saw their role players hang their jerseys up for good. Injuries started coming in. And the worst of all, the losses began piling up.

Analysts tagged them washed up. Their glory days are over. Draymond Green was a favorite target, mainly because he was deemed the team’s main engine. If the Warriors are not performing up to par, it means Green is not doing his job of orchestrating the offense.

Green recalled that dark period. He did not shy away from admitting that he may have been consuming a bit too much alcohol back then. So much so that after a well-fought game, something as trivial as going up a set of stairs was a colossal task. Now, things have changed for the better. If there were any alcohol around, Green would only take a sip. 

I feel incredible and I take better care of my body today than I ever have. I don’t drink, really, anymore, like I used to; I used to go after it a little bit. I’m 31 years old now, so I try to do all the necessary things to make sure my body is in shape and ready to go. I’m lifting more than I ever have.

Draymond Green, NBC Sports

“When we play on the road and we get off the plane, I can run down the stairs,” Green said. “Before, I used to creep down those stairs, knees hurting, feet hurting. I feel incredible. It’s not a worry for me at all, whereas before it was.”

Haters, particularly casuals, will likely continue to lambast Green. After all, his averages of 7.8 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 7.6 assists look pretty similar from those two seasons when the Warriors missed the playoffs. There are still games where he would chip in a mere two points or take just two shots. 

The reality is, Green has never been the type to stuff the stat sheet. The proper way to measure Green’s impact is through victories. Right now, we can say that three-time All-Star is in peak form as the Warriors hold a league-leading 15-2 record. Moreso, almost everyone agrees that the Warriors are legitimate title threats. 

As one of the fiercest competitors today, we can assume that Green is salivating at the thought of winning his fourth title. It would further deepen his place in NBA history as one of the greats. Besides, when the Warriors win another title, Green may not only shower in champagne but consume all the tequila his body can take.