Waiters snitched on himself and got suspended…again

Waiters snitched on himself and got suspended…again

Despite it being the highest paying job in basketball, the NBA still has professionalism problems. Some players act like they are working for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. When it’s a rookie, you may give them a pass. But when a nine-year veteran pulls a stunt in Miami of all places, you have to wonder do we take away “Kobe Wade” as his nickname on Basketball-Reference.

Dion Waiter has had a difficult few years in Miami. After putting off an ankle surgery two seasons ago, Waiters realized he couldn’t push through the pain anymore and had severe ankle surgery. A seven-hour surgery, three months in a cast, and two months in a walking boot leave no doubt about the severity of the injury. That’s one of the reasons the Head had so much patience with Waiters, patience that has run out.

First, we had the social media tantrum after Waiters realized the new kids on the block, Nunn and Herro would start over him. That got him suspended for the season opener. After that, we got the news that Waiters passed out on the team plane, only to learn he had an adverse reaction to edible gummies and had to be restrained. After his latest absence, the Heat once again informed us that Waiters is suspended for six games for “failure to adhere to team policies, violation of team rules, and continued insubordination.” What did Waiters do?

After Waiters informed the team that he would be unavailable because he was sick, he posted a photo of himself hanging out on a boat. I say this with respect – how dumb do you have to be to do this? Waiters snitched on himself while playing for a team that benches players for body fat percentages!!! Here’s a source explaining the Heat reaction (via Five Reasons Sports Network):

“According to one source, on its own, this infraction may not have warranted such a lengthy suspension, but it’s due to the cumulative effect of all of Waiters’ distractions, cutting against the team’s valued “Culture” during what has been a less tolerance approach to the season.”

This sums up to 14 games suspended in total this season, for three separate infractions. The only reason Waiters is still on the Heat roster is because nobody would trade for him right now.