Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson made a real fortune after his NBA career was over

Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson made a real fortune after his NBA career was over

A lot of older NBA fans will remember Vinnie Johnson and his successful NBA career. He also had a very memorable nickname, “Microwave,” since he had a tendency to get scorching hot during the game in a short period and was able to drop 10-15 points on you in a matter of minutes.

Vinnie played for the Detroit Pistons for most of his career and won two championships with them during the “Bad Boys” era in Detroit. He was the longtime 6th option for the Pistons and provided the much-needed scoring spark from the bench when they needed it the most. Vinnie played in the NBA for 12 straight seasons and eventually retired after the 1991/92 season.

After his playing carer was over, Vinnie was remembered as a pure shooting guard capable of scoring 20-25 points in any given game against any NBA team. Some of his most memorable performances are during essential games in the playoffs and NBA finals.

What is somewhat unknown is the prolific business career Vinnie Johnson built up after his playing days. After his illustrious career, Vinnie founded a company under the name Piston automotive. Over the years, the company grew into one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the United States.
Vinnie was steadily learning the ropes and slowly building his business. His group supplies all the big 3 in Detroit and some other famous car companies like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. Piston automotive now has several offices across the States and does nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. The company employs more than 200 people and is still showing signs of revenue improvements over the years.

Vinnie Johnson made close to 5 million dollars during his NBA career, but his net worth now is over 400 million dollars after his successful business ventures. According to different people who worked closely with Vinnie, his entrepreneurial mindset set him apart from other professional athletes.

During his 25-year-long career in business, Vinnie helped create several hundred jobs in the Detroit area, which was, at certain times, not doing so good. Unfortunately, close to 70 percent of NBA players go bankrupt after their careers; however, Vinnie is proof that you can do even greater things with hard work, ambition, and intelligence.