Vince Carter answers who is the better dunker between him and Michael Jordan

Vince Carter answers who is the better dunker between him and Michael Jordan

The NBA has seen its fair share of amazing high flyers and dunkers through its history, with numerous amazing leapers gracing the court and leaving fans speechless. Oddly enough, quite possibly the two best ones ever came out of the same prestigious college, North Carolina. The legends Michael Jordan and Vince Carter.

Alongside being the greatest player ever, MJ was known for his spectacular arsenal of dunks, especially in the early days. The elegancy and grace in which Jordan manifested earned him the fitting nickname “Air,” while Vince, on the other side, was a great All-Star player for most of his career but never near the level of Michael Jordan. But when it came to dunking, it is a heated debate, as Carter was the perfect mix of speed and force, delivering some of the nastiest dunks you will ever see.

When it comes to comparing these two and their dunking ability, it’s hard to say who is better, but a few years ago, Vince shared his opinion on The Dan Patrick Show when Dan asked him who the best dunker in North Carolina history is. Basically, a toss-up between Vince and Michael, as Vince shared his answer:

“I’ll take that. You can’t give MJ everything. He’s got everything else. He’s right there.” 

Vince Carter, via Dan Patrick Show

Rightfully so, Vince picked himself, as he felt MJ has enough titles and accomplishments to his name already. Afterward, he explained how he tried to establish his legacy in the NBA and leave a mark through the dunk contest:

“Like I said, just walking into that gym, that’s one thing every Carolina player will say this. Walking into the gym, the first person every person looks for is MJ. We know what he did in college, and of course in the NBA, and his ability to dunk. I might not end up being the greatest player or as good as him, but that something that I can kinda have people thinking. Hey maybe. So that dunk contest is one of the things I made my mark…The dunk contest was kind of like my moment in time where I said I’m gonna shock the world and wild up the crowd for years to come. I just didn’t know it’ll have its effect like it’s had, and I’m thankful for it.”

Vincce Carter, via Dan Patrick Show

Vince did precisely that, as his performance in the 2000 Dunk Contest is still by many regarded as the best performance ever. That night put Vince Carter on the map and established him as one of the premiere dunkers. To add to that, he played long and great 22 years in the league, notching eight All-Star appearances and retiring as one of the most memorable players ever, a true fan-favorite. He maybe didn’t reach MJ level when it came to his all-around career, but he certainly left a significant mark on the NBA in a different way.

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