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Reacting to Shaquille O'Neal calling Dennis Rodman the worst teammate he's ever had

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This is what happens when you’re a winner. It’s the same curse that affected John Jones - the UFC champion. Rodman was a winner in Detroit when he was a little off the rails. He was a real winner in Chicago when he was way off the rails. So he was still being a nut job and still bringing in rings.

You don’t learn anything from winning.

Self-reflection comes from loss. John Jones was a lunatic on weekends but an assassin when the lights came on. Rodman knew his role and how far he could push boundaries to get that job done. He was also dating Jeanie Buss at that time, which people tend to gloss over.

He was in a Lakers Uniform dating the owner’s daughter -- the current team owner. Only Dennis Rodman could pull that off. So again, why change?

He was winning

Forget titles for a second. Rodman was homeless before the NBA -- he made it in the league, which makes him a winner no matter what.

Dennis' intensity on the court, his unmatched diving at the knees fire, and fearless demeanor to not only play Bad Boys basketball but be an undersized rebounding demi-God; for you to tell him to turn that off when he’s off the court, it doesn’t make much sense.

I’m not saying you can’t have one without the other, but the same way Jordan carried his competitiveness away from basketball, the same way LeBron takes his very methodical, well-thought planning into his ventures off the court -- it’s not a coincidence he is a billion-dollar man off the court -- it's the same thing with Rodman.

He was conditioned early in his career not to care what others thought about him because let’s face it, the Bad Boys were self-proclaimed villains. Then you add on the success of Chicago; you get classic Rodman in a Lakers uniform.