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NBA 2K23 Jordan challenge: Michael Jordan's career-high 69 points vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

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Michael Jordan has a long list of legendary NBA performances, but none was more impressive than what he did to the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 28, 1990.

MJ kicked the game off with 16 first-quarter points. He followed it up by dropping 15 in the second, 20 in the third, 10 in the fourth, and 8 during overtime. In the end, the Bulls came out on top 117-113.

Jordan shot 23-for-37 from the floor and 21-for-23 from the charity stripe. He also grabbed a career-high 18 rebounds, becoming one of only seven NBA players to put 60+ points and 10+ rebounds in a single game since 1986 -- Shaquille O'Neal, David Robinson, Tracy McGrady, Carmelo Anthony, Karl Malone, and James Harden are the only ones to accomplish that feat.

Michael went head to head with Craig Ehlo for 50 minutes. However, once the final buzzer had sounded, the win was the only thing that mattered to No.23.

“I didn’t think about being tired because I wanted to win the game,” MJ said. “I’ve been in that situation where I’ve scored a lot of points and we lost, and I didn’t want that to happen. So I kept pushing myself, kept talking to myself, saying, ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep going.’ You feel better about the effort when you win.”