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NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge: rookie Michael Jordan dominates NBA All-Stars featuring Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas

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An iconic game-winning jumper against Georgetown announced Michael Jordan as the next big thing in the world of basketball. But it wasn't until two years later that he proved he could play against the best of the best.

In a series of exhibition games that featured the likes of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas,Kevin McHale, James Worthy, Clyde Drexler etc., the one who caught most peoples' attention was the 21-year-old Bulls rookie who was yet to make his NBA debut. 

Team USA was perparing for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, and NBA All-Stars were there to help them develop chemistry. Very few cared about the final score -- NBA All-Stars were projected to blow the youngsters out each game -- and it was all about gelling before the Olympic tournament.

But MJ didn't see it like that. Instead, he wanted to use the opportunity to give the NBA superstars a taste of things to come. And he did.

As a result, Team USA beat NBA All-Stars eight straight times. Even though their roster changed from game-to-game, Jordan was always the best player on the floor.

This NBA 2K23 Jordan challenge was no different. We got to relive out one of MJ's iconic performances against NBA All-Stars. And once again, he delivered.