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NBA 2K23 Jordan challenge: Michael Jordan sets playoff scoring record with 63 points against the Celtics

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In the 1986 first-round series-opener at Boston Garden, Michael Jordan dropped 49 points against 9x All-Defensive guard Dennis Johnson. Despite the 124-103 win to start the Playoffs, D.J. wasn't happy.

"Dennis was a prideful defensive player," recalled Jerry Sichting, Celtics backup point guard. "He's in the shower after that Game 1 when Michael has 49. He's got the stat sheet stuck to the wall and he's staring at it. He's all soaped up and he says, 'The good news is we beat them. Michael is never going to have another game like that again.'"

In a record-setting playoff scoring display, MJ dropped 63 points on 22-41 from the floor and 19-21 from the charity stripe. The Bulls still lost a double-overtime thriller 135-131 and were eventually swept by the future NBA champs. However, what the 23-year-old Jordan did was unprecedented -- it still is to this day.

A game-winning jumper against Georgetown put him on the map. Dominating NBA All-Stars before he even made his debut in the league showed Michael has what it takes to compete with the best. But Jordan's performance against the Celtics was his way of saying "there is a new sheriff in town."