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NBA 2K23 Jordan challenge: Michael Jordan's iconic game-winner against Georgetown

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“Up until that point, no one knew who I was,” Jordan said. “Outside of the university, I was just known as ‘Mike Jordan.’ When I hit that shot, my whole name became ‘Michael Jordan.'"

Over the course of his all-time great NBA career, Michael Jordan hit a plethora of iconic game-winning shots. But the first time we got to see a glimpse of his clutch gene was in the 1982 National Championship game against Georgetown.

The game featured multiple future Hall of Famers -- James Worthy, Patrick Ewing, Dean Smith, and John Thompson -- and yet, a Tar Heel freshman ended up being the decisive factor. Down 62-61, MJ hit a mid-range jumper with 15 seconds left in the regulation to secure UNC's second NCAA title. He finished the game with 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assists.

“It resonated with a lot of people outside of UNC,” MJ added. “And I just started piling on that name itself fro the successes that I endured throughout the rest of my career. It wasn’t about Mike. It was more about Michael then.”

This was the birth of Michael Jordan; a guy universally recognized as the greatest basketball player ever. Thanks to NBA 2K23, we are able to relive that iconic moment.