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DeAndre Ayton doesn't seem happy in Phoenix and the Suns' fans should be worried

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DeAndre Ayton does not seem to be happy in Pheonix.  And no; it's not media sensationalism to point out what it looks like when someone doesn’t want to be a part of the team -- at least right now.

 And there’s a long history of NBA teams where players wanted out - focal key players - and the chemistry was off, and when the bad times came - they really hit hard - and having a player on the team - despite the talent - if he doesn’t want to be there it’s a terrifying place to be. I hope this gets resolved - it might be already.

Now moments like this are important because their dominoes - and dominos fall on one another - the phoenix suns are not in panic mode. It’s not 'Code Black'. But it’s something to keep an eye out for. He already accepted the offer sheet from Indiana. Now the underdog Suns, who scratched and clawed from the bubble into the NBA Finals have one of their biggest talents talking about belonging to the team like he is going off to work at Mcdonald's.