VERNON MAXWELL VS. THE STATE OF UTAH “How fitting that we are playing the Jazz and it just happens to be International Women’s Day.”

VERNON MAXWELL VS. THE STATE OF UTAH “How fitting that we are playing the Jazz and it just happens to be International Women’s Day.”

If you were an NBA fan in the 90s, the name Vernon Maxwell should ring a bell. The former NBA guard is best known for winning back-to-back championships with the Rockets, both in the two-year Jordan-less window. Today, Maxwell is best known for his Twitter posts, and they all have one thing in common – they’re all Utah Jazz related.

During both of their title runs, the Houston Rockets had to face John Stockton’s and Karl Malone’s Utah Jazz. In ’94, they beat them in five in the WCF, and in ’95, they did the same thing, only this time, it was in the first round of the playoffs, in a best of five series. That alone sparked the rivalry between two teams, and 25 years later, Maxwell is still taking a victory lap.

If you haven’t by now, go ahead and follow the 54-year-old former NBA guard on Twitter. The shots he’s taking at the Jazz are hilarious. From mocking them for not having internet, to banning them from buying he’s jersey, Maxwell doesn’t shy away from publicizing his hate for the Jazz.

It all started in ’17, when the matchup between the Rockets and the Jazz was scheduled for an International Women’s Day. Mad Max simply couldn’t pass up on an opportunity.

The very next day, he took shots at Utah again. This time, it was fashion related.

He received some backlash from the Jazz fans for his hateful tweets, so he decided to use the platform to apologize. Or did he?

Maxwell then took a two-year long break, before coming back with another Utah related tweet, as two teams matched up in the first-round of the ’19 NBA Playoffs.

This one was a fail, given that the Rockets blew out the Jazz, and bounced them out of the postseason in five games. So Maxwell had to come up with a great comeback tweet. Nearly a year later, that’s exactly what he did, with a personal favorite of mine.

You know Maxwell was ecstatic when the Jazz blew out a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets. He once again shared his excitement via his Twitter account.

In the final iteration of Maxwell’s Twitter hate for Utah, he offered them a deal. A deal that, by the time of writing this, has already fallen through for the Jazz fans.

The Rockets won the game. Does that mean that Mitchell will join The Beard and The Brodie in Houston? Vernon Maxwell sure wants it to happen. More to harm the Jazz than to better the Rockets. Than again, that’s a rationale behind every Mad Max’s Twitter post. And you have to admit – they’re gold.