Utah lawmakers make fun of Shaquille O’Neal with a House resolution

Utah lawmakers make fun of Shaquille O’Neal with a House resolution

So far, Shaquille O’Neil‘s weird interaction with Donovan Mitchell caused mostly criticism from fans and reporters. This isn’t the first time O’Neal tried the “I’m gonna get on him because he must do better,” nor is it the first time it seemed misplaced and mistimed, to say the least. But this is the first time it has legal consequences. 

Not being a major market, Utah fans are overprotective of their stars – ever heard of screen assists? Now they’ve taken it to another level. Utah lawmakers passed a playful resolution that calls out O’Neal for his poor free-throw shooting during his playing days and makes fun of the “Kazaam” movie he starred in more than two decades ago.

“In Utah, we support our players when they face awkward abuse during post-game interviews disguised as pep talks.”

Utah House resolution

The resolution added that Shaq’s claim Donovan Mitchell “doesn’t have what it takes to get to the next level is even less accurate than his 50.4% playoff free-throw percentage.” To show further support of their star, the resolution suggested making “Spida” Mitchell the official state arachnid.

The discussion didn’t fail to mention that “Kazaam” is one of the lowest-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, with its 5% approval rating, and made fun of Shaq’s failed attempt in the gaming industry with “Shaq Fu.” They brought it home by using Shaq’s own words against him. 

Shaq correctly described Donovan as an elite scorer, given that in just his third NBA season during the 2020 playoffs, Donovan became the third player in NBA history to have at least two 50-point games in a single playoff series.”

The resolution concluded with “Aight. That’s it.” We are looking forward to Shaq’s response. Before it happens, try and guess how many times Shaq will use “G-14 classification” and mention how many rings he’s won. 

P.S. The Resolution passed 67-5. I guess there are 5 Shaq/Lakers fans in the Utah House that don’t want to get re-elected.