Utah Jazz to throwback​ to the ’90s

Utah Jazz to throwback​ to the ’90s

Jersey throwbacks are becoming a thing. Playing the nostalgia card is always a backup for times when you don’t have any new ideas – and most of the time it works. The Jazz is the latest team to follow in those steps. 

The Jazz have the misfortune of being the team with one of the greatest duos not to win a title ever. Karl Malone and John Stockton had the bad luck to play in the era of Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Just a few years earlier or later and they’d probably get their hands on the Larry O’Brien trophy at least once. 

The other misfortune of that era is their visual identity. The 90s were a mess, and NBA jerseys and court designs followed suit. Unless you’re the Bulls, Celtics or Blazers, and have a logo and visual identity that needs no change ever, you are bound to try things out. But having your best generation in franchise history in one of the most ridiculous jerseys in NBA history is just bad luck. Never the less, the Jazz are bringing the design back.

As long as this is for a few games, I’m down with this. Not a fan of the logo or the jersey, but dammit the nostalgia thing works on me. It also gives all the local fans a reason to dust off all the Malone and Stockon jerseys. 

So for a short period of time they can look at their significant other and say, “You see, that’s why I didn’t want to throw that box away.”