Underrated moment in NBA: Abdul-Rauf incredible buzzer beater vs L.A. Clippers

Underrated moment in NBA: Abdul-Rauf incredible buzzer beater vs L.A. Clippers

The NBA stars had a handful of winning shots that take a breath away. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf hit one of the best in the history of this game in Los Angeles in 1992.

On November 27, 1992, it was only one regular-season game between two average teams that were not favorites for the title. The Nuggets entered the season solidly, they had five wins and seven defeats, while Clippers were trying to reach their second win in a row and seventh win in the season.

During his rich career, Abdul-Rauf repeatedly reminded the audience that he is one of the best shooting guards in the league, and also an elite three-point shooter. In his third season, he flourished and was Nuggets leading scorer with just over 19 points per match. With his “bombs”, he destroyed the various great NBA teams. But he will never forget what he did that evening.

They played the last minute of the game and Clippers had everything in their hands. They had 106:103 one minute before the end and had a possession, which they did not turn into points. After that, Abdul-Rauf made the three and the result was even. Clippers had the ball again 15 seconds before the end. Starting playmaker Mark Jackson passed the ball to Manning, who was blocked by Dikembe Mutombo. Three seconds left, Abdul-Rauf catches the ball and hit his luckiest career shot from his half of the field, a game-winner, a buzzer-beater.

Clippers could not believe what they just saw, while the Nuggets players were delighted as they have won the 10th NBA title in a row. Abdul-Rauf bring first away win to Denver in a regular season in a spectacular way. The commentators lost their voice, as they couldn’t believe what happened that night. It seemed they were aware they have commented a part of NBA history.

The few who remember Abdul-Rauf’s career compare him to present NBA stars like Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving. His quick release and shooting ability were excellent, he proved his ability and capability to play against the best NBA players at the time, he even scored 51 points against Hall of Famer John Stockton, all-time NBA leader in assists and steals.