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Robert Horry throws shade at the Milwaukee Bucks: "They shouldn't have been there in the first place

Robert Horry & Giannis

Horry is not convinced the Bucks can repeat the same success from last year

Robert Horry doesn't believe the Milwaukee Bucks can go back-to-back this season and even thinks there won't be any more teams that will three-peat.

The Bucks are still underappreciated

Even though they are the defending champions, the Bucks haven't received much attention from the media compared to some other teams. Coming from a small market is the biggest reason for that, but the Bucks deserve more recognition because they are definitely aiming to repeat their success from the last season. They kept their core team together while making subtle changes regarding their role players. The Bucks have what it takes to make another significant push into the playoffs; however, it will be much harder for them to do that than last season.

Former NBA player and 7-time champion Robert Horry is positive the Bucks won't repeat because he believes they got lucky in the first place last season in the series against the Nets. On top of that, Horry made an interesting comment about how he doesn't believe there will ever be a team that will three-peat in the NBA.

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"I don't think there's ever gonna be a chance for a team to three-peat," Horry said. "You might get a team to go back to back, but as far as three-peat, I doubt that. It might even be any back-to-back teams cause think about what the Lakers did. They win a championship; the next year, they got a whole different team. We know Milwaukee ain't gonna go back to back cause they shouldn't have been there in the first place. … They only won that because of a big toe."

Winning multiple championships

Winning three in a row is without a doubt a difficult task, and Horry was a part of the last team that did it in 2002 when the Lakers won their third straight NBA championship. The Warriors were pretty close, and they looked like a team that could even win more than 3 titles, but they were stopped in 2019 by the Toronto Raptors after Durant and Thompson suffered serious injuries.

When it comes to the Bucks, you have to respect them because they are the defending champions. They are currently third in the eastern conference with a 25-13 record, which is not bad at all, and after having problems with initial injuries, they are starting to pick up the track and are again looking like a serious playoff squad. Things will definitely be harder for them this season because the east is better overall, so anything is possible if they can make it out of the conference alive.

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