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Jimmy Butler's agent blasts Shams Charania: 'Shut the f**k up you clickbait'

Jimmy Butler & Shams Charania

NBA reporter Shams Charania recently made a guest appearance on the Stadium show where he talked about the Miami Heat and their chances in the playoffs. After having a rocky start to this season, the Heat have picked up their tempo, and Jimmy Butler is the one that is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for the squad. On the show, Shams said that there were several heated moments between the Miami Heat organization and Jimmy Butler when he raised his concerns about the team's struggles during the season.

I'm told there have been some very, very testy moments behind the scenes between Jimmy and their coaching staff and the roster at different points. So how will they be able to navigate that over the course of the year it transpired, and they are going to the playoffs.

Shams Charania, via Stadium

It didn't take long for Butler's agent Bernard Lee to respond using some pretty insulting vocabulary towards Shams and his reporting.

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Shut the fck up you clickbait, ambulance-chasing, dirtbag piece of sht. No one has told you this because this is not reality. Go find someone's assistant to text abt an MRI or some other human calamity you want to be 1st on. We are good over here.

Bernard Lee, via Twitter

Apparently, Shams said a few things that didn't sit well with Butler's agent, and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Butler is known as one of the most fierce competitors in the NBA, constantly demanding more of his teammates and confronting them if necessary. That was always his approach towards the game and winning, and that will never change with Butler. But, on the other hand, media always uses minor confrontations to make a story even though a lot of times there is nothing there.

The Miami Heat are in a good place, finally playing fantastic basketball and looking to make it to the NBA finals once again. This time, the road in the eastern conference will be a lot harder, but they still stand a chance if things fall in line, and Jimmy Butler leads them the same way he did last season in the bubble.

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